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Welch's Would-Be Heirs

DENNIS DAMMERMAN Age: 50 CFO and a Welch troubleshooter
JAMES MCNERNEY Age: 47 Oversees Lighting
ROBERT NARDELLI Age: 48 Heads Power Generation
GARY ROGERS Age: 51 Plastics chief, turned around Appliances
GARY WENDT Age: 54 Built GE Capital into powerhouse
ROBERT WRIGHT Age: 53 Ex-Capital exec turned around NBC

DAVID CALHOUN Age: 39 Runs Transportation
DAVID COTE Age: 44 Runs Appliances
MICHAEL FRAZIER Age: 38 Fast-tracker on the move at GE Capital
JEFFREY IMMELT Age: 40 Marketing whiz
MICHAEL NEAL Age: 43 Rising Capital star
GARY REINER Age: 42 Heading Welch's companywide quality push

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