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Kicking the Habit

FRESH START: (800 227-2345) Twice-weekly sessions for four weeks from the American Cancer Society, with follow-up weekly SOS meetings; no cost

FREEDOM FROM SMOKING: (800 LUNG-USA) The American Lung Assn.'s six-session program offered by local hospitals and employers; low cost

NICOTINE ANONYMOUS: (Write Dept. B, P.O. Box 591777, San Francisco, Calif., 94159) A 12-step program that features strong group support; no cost

SMOKELESS: (800 345-2476) Offered through hospitals and corporations in eight sessions over four weeks; $120 for group, $59 for self-help version

SMOKENDERS: (800 201-4872) Six-week course costs $325; ''Learn How to Quit'' kit, $125; toll-free help line available

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