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New Tools for Cervical Cancer Protection

THINPREP                      Rinses, separates, collects sample
Cytyc Corp., Boxborough,      cells to make Pap tests easier to
Mass. 888 844-6773            read; added $15 to $20 cost

HYBRID CAPTURE HPV TEST       Analyzes DNA in cervical cells to
Digene Corp., Beltsville, Md. detect the presence of HPV viruses;
800 344-3631                  $50 per test

PAPNET SCANNING SYSTEM        Rescreens slides to find irregular
Neuromedical Systems,         cells overlooked in initial Pap test;
Suffern, N.Y. 800 727-6384    $30 to $45

AUTOPAP                       Scanning system used at labs
NeoPath, Redmond, Wash.       rescreens slides to find those most
800 636-7284                  in need of more review; around $20

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