Asian Orders Just Keep Rolling In

JUNE, 1995: Boeing announces $3.1 billion in orders for 31 777-300s from Japan's All Nippon Airways, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific Airways, and Thai Airways International.

NOVEMBER, 1995: $12.7 billion deal with Singapore Airlines includes orders and options for 77 777s.

DECEMBER, 1995: Taiwan's China Airlines orders 737s worth $750 million.

JANUARY, 1996: Malaysia Airlines orders 15 777s and 10 747s worth $4 billion.

MAY, 1996: China Airlines orders four 747s. Options for four more would take value of sale to $1.4 billion.

JUNE, 1996: Garuda Indonesia orders 23 jets valued at $1.6 billion, including six 777s.

JULY, 1996: Air China orders three 747-400s worth $510 million.

SEPTEMBER, 1996: Philippine Airlines orders seven 747-700s worth $1.2 billion.


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