Seven Steps to a Water-Wise Garden

   1. Take a survey of your yard to determine topographical conditions, 
microclimates (areas of shade, windbreaks, etc.), and health of the existing 
vegetation, especially during the dry season

   2. Analyze the soil and use such additives as organic compost to boost water 

   3. Limit turf areas and use water- thrifty varieties of plants

   4. Group plants with similar water needs together and emphasize 
drought-tolerant species

   5. Mulch to limit evaporation, stifle weeds, and prevent erosion

   6. Irrigate efficiently, avoiding fine-mist sprinklers and relying on 
slow-drip systems, such as bubblers and soaker hoses

   7. Maintain the landscape by fertilizing, pruning, and applying 
pesticides-but don't overdo it


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